December 09 — 2017

INMU Brand Design

INMU is a platform for the development and sale of art products and was established at the end of 2016. The brand is focused on the study of color, styling and materials to explore more intrinsic beauty.

The logo of the brand is mainly based on the font design. The striking yellow vertical bar is both the Chinese and English spacers and the main graphic. It is also used as the main element in the subsequent extended design, which enhances the visual language. The color of the brand is based on a calm forest green, and the bright yellow is used as a match to balance the visual experience.


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应目® 是应-美术馆的艺术产品销售平台,

| 就是恰到好处的对待,
| 目之所及的物品。

应目® 的命名来自“应目会心”一词。

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